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The informal name for 'camel cricket.' Cave crickets are large brownish/black crickets that live in dark, damp places (caves, basements, etc.) They are creepy as hell and sometimes jump right at you if you attempt to scare it away.
by Jim Fear April 17, 2009
n/v. Femal in connotation. A girl that you would never contact during daylight hours. She is someone you meet up with late at night typically past 2am as a last resort because you know a cave cricket is nocturnal, out and about, and down. The ultimate goal
when soliciting a cave cricket is to mate. Not seen
Or heard from during day night hours. Night night.

Jersey origins.

Synonyms - whore
Yo bro, it's 3am...who you texting? Oh must be that cave cricket.
by PaulGold August 04, 2014
Leaving piles of shit all over someone's bathroom floor because you were blitzed on beer and Jager-bombs, and you couldn't find a light switch or the toilet for that matter. Bonus points for landing Bathtub Bombs and Trashcan Treats in an attempt to find something round and porcelain to hang your ass over.
I got plowed at the pub, got 5 numbers, got a ride home, and left Cave Crickets all over the bathroom floor of some nice person since I was falling down drunk and some asshole put the light switch behind the bathroom door. I had shit from wall to wall in that place...and no square inch of linoleum was spared.
by Stinkin' Lincoln February 14, 2006
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