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Having qualities similar to the writing of O. Henry, especially containing an ironic twist ending.
"The Village" had a very O. Henry-esque ending.
by Jess August 24, 2004
a maxi-pad, a sanitary napkin
The neighbor lady came over to borrow a cuntsponge, but her gash is way larger than mine, and it was suked up into her, she had to use a newspaper.
by Jess November 30, 2003
To describe a girl who easily engages in sexual activity. Name used for girls named Meg
Turbo Bitch Squad! Farm Girl! Smuttonchops! Coneticitius!
by Jess December 01, 2003
bovis not only means and insult to someone who is an idiot but it also is a compliment to someone who is cool (double meaning)
matt you are so bovis
by Jess August 26, 2004
sex god!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by jess June 17, 2003
From the commercial for "Smirnof Vodka"

Where the people in the commercial want to get access to this party so pretend they know sergio.. And give ambigious vague descriptions of him
"lightish darkish hair"
"about this tall" (making reference to medium height
by jess February 22, 2005
the smell of victory
I love the smell of goose poo in the morning.
by jess March 27, 2003

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