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The church of Monty Python, a cult following of the greatest British Comedy troop to ever exist. Pythonist, a follower in the church of Monty Python.
I am a devout follower of Pythonism.

He's a Pythonist too!
by Jess October 20, 2003
The art of playing twiddly crap sounding guitar solos , often with frantic wrist action , hence the comparison to wanking .
"all that fret wanking sounds shit"
by jess November 15, 2004
The man with the softest sexiest lips in the world.
He kissed me and I'll never EVER get over it.
by Jess February 10, 2004
a best friend, someone you put a lot of trust in.
you're my ace boo coo man i know you won't repeat that!
by Jess January 30, 2005
a girl with red pubic hair
I thought she dyed it, but she really is a firecunt.
by Jess January 20, 2005
It stands for Raw Sexual Magnetism. Only people who are natuarally sexy without any form of effort are known to have RSM.
'that boy has RSM'
'just check out the RSM over thier'
by jess November 21, 2004
The word albertane comes from the latin word alabertanamus which means large and important, just kidding! the word albertane comes from the song "Man from Milwaukee." The song is about an alien from Mars who lives in the capital city of Mars Albertane. See you on Albertane the show i mean.
i come from the planet albertane
by jess May 14, 2004

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