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Texan for "before"
"Y'all see what was on Jerry what'ago?"
A: Want some grits?
B: Nah, I just had some what'ago.
by jess February 01, 2004
To be Fucking Rich, or F-ing Rich.
Omg I'm so frich i have a louis vuitton and a BMW!
by Jess February 25, 2005
The first hit single by the band 'The Killers', off of their album 'Hot Fuss'. Said album was released in 2004.
Somebody told me, that you had a boyfriend, that looked like a girlfriend, that I had in Feburary of last year.
by Jess February 19, 2005
chis: a common name given to people with a stab fetish
chis stabed the poor mouse, then moved his hand up and down
by jess August 20, 2004
The best part of Kraptastica, imho.
Unmod is a good place to post threads about nothing.
by Jess April 25, 2004
The best actor in the entire universe!!! Has huge muscles, an awesome accent, and a last name that is ridiculously hard to spell.
Hasta la vista, baby.
by Jess July 06, 2005
An imaginary pig who wears nike shoes and talks with a british accent.
Have you seen awnold? I can't find him.
by Jess April 18, 2005

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