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To masturbate, usually done by a male, in a public place. In commmemoration of a guy I knew who got caught whacking off in the bathroom. Enough Said.
Hells yeah! Joshin' it up is freakin' awesome!
by Jeremy April 18, 2005
Hang on getting more pringles
Pringles own you, sucka.
by Jeremy July 16, 2004
a secret society of homosexual persons that control the secret gay underground. Led by the man himself, Elton John.
cher is the goddess of the gaymafia
by Jeremy November 13, 2003
Vigorous, corpulent manflesh, looking to commandeer. Associated with the APA (Asspirates of America). Has been comandeering for 15 years.
Joey Rubenstein is the world leader in ass-comandeering. He has comandeered 30 manfleshes this week!
by Jeremy March 21, 2005
adj. to be in the state of total cool, awesome
Bob Burnquist is one funkadelic skater!
by Jeremy January 25, 2004
Someone who decides they are suddenly Jamaican but born in suburbia
For ou Canadian viewers:

The rapper 'Snow' is a friggin Jafaken!!
by Jeremy November 26, 2003
short for two-way pager- a small electronic device that allows communication in two directions; a more advanced version of the original "pager" which worked by allowing a caller to send a numeric message to the person with the pager. After this message, the person would have to find a telephone to place a return call. A two-way pager allows a message (text) to be returned to the person placing the original page.
She wears a two-way but I'm not quite sure what that means.
by Jeremy June 11, 2003

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