Its a funny name.

its bigger thena regular hat.
"yea, turd fergeson, its a funny name."
by Atlas' Rage April 09, 2005
any person who is considered a total toolbox, both by looks and personality, according to the Team Awesome scale.
Hey Ed, who were those turd furgesons we met yesterday at 1849?
by HumBabe March 06, 2005
When a male or female lines up thier asshole with a vagina and shits into the vagina creating intercourse using the turd.
similar to the position called the "pile driver" but with the actions stated above called "turd furgeson"
by Mike Wilkinson August 12, 2007
when a penis is lodged in a ass hole while the other person is takin a dump.
1.he gave me a TURD FUGESON.
2.TURD FEGOSON is my favorite sex move
by turd furgeson March 29, 2004
The act of talking a dump while performing sodomy
JP: "I am a master of the TURD FURGESON! YAY"
Meng Huo:"estie man that TURD FURGESON you gave me last night was awesome Tabanak!"
by Meng September 04, 2004
A hulking man-child of the late 70's of African-American descent. Played in the NBA.
This Turd Ferguson character is a basketball wizard.
by Joey! December 11, 2003
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