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215 definitions by Jeremy

Grape soda that is of superb taste.
That GRAPICO was so FUCKING awesome!
by Jeremy November 26, 2004
Matthew Licuria (Licuria) has a really hot mum that everyone would like to bang.
Whoa man, your girlfriend's as hot as Licuria's mum!
by Jeremy October 06, 2004
A girl that is so fat you wonder if she has propeller scars on her back because she grazes on kelp on the sea and would be in danger of getting cut by speed boat propellers.
Guy: ..But was she hot?
Other guy: No dude, manatee...I looked for propeller scars.
Guy: oh, oh thats awful.
by Jeremy April 28, 2004
the shiz
man that is the HOBBZ yo!
by Jeremy March 30, 2003
a flacid penis, usually virginal and unused
lol a girl touched my philvia
by jeremy January 09, 2005
The diet pop that doesn't taste strong like Diet Coke and cheap bargain brands
Diet Coke in bottles and cans tastes terrible. Drink Diet Pepsi.
by Jeremy July 23, 2004
ma's best wig, which is only to be brought out for nice dinner occasions.
"billy bob! we have guests! time to put on the Dinner Hair!"

"goddammit! you ruined my dinner hair!"
by jeremy January 14, 2004