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215 definitions by Jeremy

The first sunday of the month shall be devoted to hacky sack.
April 3, 2005

It begins
by Jeremy March 28, 2005
The act of de-virginizing a certain area of a house, car or random parts of the woods.
Me: Dude, Earin and I just got through corrupting my step-dad's truck in a church parking lot.

You: By God, That's a double whammy!
by Jeremy October 01, 2004
Chancer: to push one's luck. To stay in the game a wee bit too long. To believe one is above repute. To annoy someone to the extent that they are bound to get a headbutt.
Mayday Malone, Haloween XIII(Thanksgiving), Survivor Antarctica, Keyshawn Johnson, Rob Johnson, Brad Johnson, People who say fo shizzle mo crepes. French people from France or Quebec and American's (generally)
by Jeremy November 26, 2003
A steaming turd placed between two slices of bread. Variations include; Turd burger with cheese, Turd BLT, and the turd muffin. Although, nobody has eaten one of these before, it's believed we all will by the year 2060.
"Who the hell ate my last turd burger?I'm hungry!" - Leon
by Jeremy December 08, 2004
a game in wich the man has sex with a woman while balancing a beer on her back. The object of the game is to keep the beer from spilling
I just had beer sex and only spilled two drops on her ass, it was great!
by Jeremy May 21, 2004
a genius filmmaker who directs music videos, movies and short films
Michel Gondry is a genius, go buy his DVD.
by Jeremy April 04, 2004
A temporary breakdown in communication between two irc servers that results in a single string of servers becoming two separate strings.
The server I was connected to was separated from hers by a netsplit.
by jeremy December 07, 2002