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when someone is going crazy or just a little hyper.
Yo, stop whiling.
John, your whiling out.
by Jeremy August 30, 2004
A morally unprincipled person.
Example: One who cheats on a test and thinks nothing of it.
by Jeremy March 06, 2005
An phrase expressing one's willingness to participate in a given activity.
Friend: Dude, do you want to go to Denny's?
You: Yeah man, I'm game.
by jeremy April 25, 2004
female pubic hair that is crawling out of a bikini
i was at the beach and saw this hippy chick with a bunch of spider legs crawling
by jeremy April 21, 2004
in the doggy style position, you pull out and spit on the girls back, making her think cummed...when she turns around you jizz in her face and pinch her in the eye.Leaving her looking like a panda bear.
" I gave Emilee a panda slam!"
by jeremy February 11, 2004
Simple Harmonic Motion being definition of any object in equilibrium that moves in a sinusodal wave manner across a point of equalibrium (shown by the equation X = Xo+A*Sin(wt). Analogous to male masturbation, because of its repetitive, sinusodal wave manner of movement.
Dude, he knows all about the SHM...
by Jeremy April 18, 2005
A steaming turd placed between two slices of bread. Variations include; Turd burger with cheese, Turd BLT, and the turd muffin. Although, nobody has eaten one of these before, it's believed we all will by the year 2060.
"Who the hell ate my last turd burger?I'm hungry!" - Leon
by Jeremy December 08, 2004

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