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slang for the posterior portion of the human body; substitutes for "bum", "butt", and "ass"
That man has a huge backyard; his tailor must be rich!
by Jeff July 24, 2003
The act of receiving fellatio, and causing the giver to laugh right as one orgasms, making semen come out the giver's nose.
I sucked his dick last night and he gave me such a typhoon, my nose still stings a little from it.
by jeff January 23, 2005
1. A fictional university to which strongbad, as well as others, have attended
2. An adjictive used do describe an event or other happining that is to be very entertaining and to be looked forward to.
Aw man you guys, this party is going to be Crazy go Nuts!
by Jeff September 11, 2003
Small shards or pieces of ceramic spark plug insulator (the white part). When thrown at glass, they break it very quietly. They are used mostly for car burglaries in which the burglar wants to remain unheard.
Dan hit the driver's window with ninja rocks, then Joe ran up on the guy hit him in the nose after opening the door.
by Jeff June 14, 2006
Poop. Shit. Crap. Deficate.
See Free Mandela.
Damnit guys. The turtle is poking his head out. I've got run home to take the Browns tot eh Super Bowl.
by Jeff February 16, 2005
Something that is of myth and legend. A DSN is a down syndrome nigger.
Have you ever seen a DSN? Exactly.
by Jeff April 08, 2005
The great American Hebrew
Gooooo Jew
by Jeff December 07, 2003

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