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something that a nigger would do

(extremely nigger-like)
that was fuckin niggerlicious
by jeff March 13, 2005
The Sicilian pronunciation for the spicy deli ham "Capicola".
"Do you want provologne on your gobagool sandwich?"
by Jeff January 31, 2005
OTC drug that will make you really scared and jumpy. Things will "jump" out at you around corners and make you jump like dhjfjhsd. You also see things in the corner of your eyes and when you look nothing is there. You can also watch TV while it is off, hear noises, listen to people speak in different languages, and say weird things that make so much sense at the time, but later you will be like wtf (if you even remember that is).

Basically you will want to go under the covers and hide and wish it was all over. It seems like it would be fun, but it def. is not.

You may have severe case of cotton mouth after the trip, so drink lots of water. You might also get lightheaded on random occasions for the next couple of months, too
I looked at the top of the stairs and even though my friend was about 30 feet away I got so scared and practically had a heart attack.
by Jeff January 11, 2005
It's when you're doing a chick from behind and before you break off, you spit on her back (thereby 'deceiving' her into you thinking you are done) and then when she turns over, you blast her in the face.
"Hey Mom, I was banging this hot chick who was so uptight, I couldn't get off. In fact, the only way I could finish off was through 'deception.'"
by Jeff May 26, 2004
The road. The street.
Street racers use this word for coolness.
Lets do this thing, 2 large on the blacktop Yite!!!
by Jeff July 22, 2003
The residual shit stain that cannot be removed from one's underpants.
After several washes Dave's long poo stain remained apparent on his titey whiteys.
by Jeff February 12, 2004
A Jeff who is perpetually horny and says a lot of things to embarass himself.
That Jeff Easley is so sketchy
by Jeff January 26, 2005

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