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409 definitions by Jeff

Meaning the coolest or the best.
"this pizza is teh 1337 sauce"
by Jeff April 09, 2005
98% of pikeys live in new addington near croydon.they are uneducated cannot speak english and communicate by gobbing.they nick tar off the back of road vechiles and try to sell it at inflated prices to the elderley.
Pikeys are also in large numbers in orpington - mostly in the crays where the pikey population reaches 100% around the star lane area.this can be seen by the amount of ugly mutant types who shag each other to produce some of the thickest cunts that ever lived.
New Addington & Orpington residents
by jeff November 23, 2003
In, nonebonical terms, i would like to make love to you.
Damn, bitch u stupid fly, lemme pull up to your bumper and smack that monkey.
by Jeff January 12, 2004
A euphanism for sex. It is intended to be comical.
"Tell her that you've been dying to get in her pants and that you will pay her for hot sechs."
by Jeff October 15, 2003
something that a nigger would do

(extremely nigger-like)
that was fuckin niggerlicious
by jeff March 13, 2005
The explanation of sex usually coming from a parent to a son or daughter.
Mom, do we really have to talk about the birds and the bees?
by Jeff October 08, 2003
The residual shit stain that cannot be removed from one's underpants.
After several washes Dave's long poo stain remained apparent on his titey whiteys.
by Jeff February 12, 2004