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The all mighty Cheese god. He's a big wise man made of cheese and is all powerfull. U may see him on smope halucinations of just be in touch with him spiritually.
Cheesus the all mighty god of cheese and all that is holy (like swiss cheese)..........pun man away
by Jeff April 05, 2004
Refering to the 2nd main campus at GWU.
"-Dude I got fucked this year for housing, i'm in the shenley
-Thats nothing, they booted my ass to the vern."
by Jeff March 14, 2005
Term given to male college students who are jocks, gym-rats, beer-drinkers or business majors. They generally attend frat parties and always wear a collared shirt tuck neatly into thier pants. Hambones will engage in debates with other hambones that consist of "which are the best Dave Matthews Band lyrics" or the cheapest place to buy a "30-rack of Pabst Blue Ribbon." You can spot hambones driving Jeep wranglers and at the gym discussing with their hambone buddies about the girl they hooked up with the night before.
Dude, lets go the frat party, they'll be other hambones there and they have a beer pong table.
by Jeff February 19, 2005
Taking a monstrous shit into a recepticle belonging to your suitemates thus rendering it inoperable for extended periods of time.
Je: No, not the shower!
Jo: Wait till you see the sink.
Br: Wait till you see the N64.
Al: Wait till you see Jesse.
by Jeff December 02, 2004
(1)adj. When you are circumsized
(2)v. The act of circumsision
(1) His has a cut dick.
(2) He was cut at birth
by Jeff March 05, 2005
The Spongmonkeys are a specie of animal, possibly alien, that have the ability to levitate, there are only two that we know of that are unnamed. This is their story:

Once a band of kittens were very popular and would perform songs of many types, the people loved them.
The Spongmonkeys became jealous of their talent and quickly threw together an act of their own about the moon, every warped person out there loved it and this little act even landed them a endorsement with Quiznos subs, needless to say, the Spongmonkeys hit the big time and became more popular then the kittens with little effort. What luck!
The Spongmonkeys should be greatful of their incredable luck and timing.
by Jeff September 23, 2004
blowing a small pile of sugar into a persons ass. Then licking out all of the sugar with your tongue.
he gave her a sweet ass blow.
by jeff June 18, 2004

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