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Poop. Shit. Crap. Deficate.
See Free Mandela.
Damnit guys. The turtle is poking his head out. I've got run home to take the Browns tot eh Super Bowl.
by Jeff February 16, 2005
Something that is of myth and legend. A DSN is a down syndrome nigger.
Have you ever seen a DSN? Exactly.
by Jeff April 08, 2005
Refering to the 2nd main campus at GWU.
"-Dude I got fucked this year for housing, i'm in the shenley
-Thats nothing, they booted my ass to the vern."
by Jeff March 14, 2005
Taking a monstrous shit into a recepticle belonging to your suitemates thus rendering it inoperable for extended periods of time.
Je: No, not the shower!
Jo: Wait till you see the sink.
Br: Wait till you see the N64.
Al: Wait till you see Jesse.
by Jeff December 02, 2004
(1)adj. When you are circumsized
(2)v. The act of circumsision
(1) His has a cut dick.
(2) He was cut at birth
by Jeff March 05, 2005
To grab the bumper of a vehicle and be pulled. The classic definition would be performed in shoes on ice, but seasonal and regional variations may be done on dry land in roller skates. Exceedingly fun and dangerous.
I grabbed the bumper of Dago's '68 Charger and skitched as he did donuts in the parkinglot. My foot caught on a rock and I cracked my head open on the ice. Fuck.
by Jeff July 09, 2004
to stick one's head up out of a cubicle to look at something. The term comes from prairie dogs, who burrow in the ground. In a field with prairie dogs, if there's a loud noise, typically many of them will pop their heads up out of the ground.
John trashed his monitor in a fit of rage and all the prairie dogs popped up for a look.
by Jeff April 07, 2003
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