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fart nugget
basically when its relly quiet and then all of sudden you think you're fart is gonna be quiet and you shit your pants instead.
#1-Guys we have to go now....i mean it we have to go now.
#2-Why whats wrong...what happened?
#3-I just sharted.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA....lauren and denver
by jessica March 28, 2004
abbreviation for down south georgia boyz
pastor troy-"dsgb...dsgb"
by jessica January 27, 2004
In relation to being emo in great amount; used when something is fanTASTICly emo.
That song is Emotastic!
by Jessica December 19, 2004
things that monkeys fling
get him bobo!! "thwap"
by jessica February 09, 2004
a very very small penis.tiny and thin
look at kevin's little dicklet.he could never get a girl off.it's so tiny
by jessica April 28, 2004
1. For women it is used for pleasuring themselves in place of a real penis up the vagina

2. For men it is used 4 anal sex with use of a dildo instead of a partener
A rubber instrument that is the shape of a penis, sometimes bigger..
by Jessica February 27, 2005
Someone who lives in Virginia
Ya Damn right I'm a Virginian.
by Jessica June 29, 2004

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