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When a guy puts his hands down a girls shirt and squeezes her tits
I felt her up.
by jessica February 21, 2003
The coolest 420 movie ever, to which there is <b>ACTUALLY<b> going to be a sequel, called "Harold and Kumar go to Amsterdam".
You do know what's legal in Amsterdam, don't you?
by Jessica October 29, 2004
an act of freaking out over usually nothing; overreacting
"Dude he just started to bug out over the guy who glanced at his girl"
by Jessica January 14, 2004
Only the best female singer in the world, who is highly underrated.
# 1: Whose your favorite band?

Me: Björk

# 1: What's that?

Me: It's not a what, it's a she. www.bjork.com
by Jessica March 23, 2005
the greatest college ever cant wait to go to. the hottest guys go there and their just plain awsome
i love michigan state
by Jessica May 02, 2004
boy/ man
Whas crackin Pa (drumline)
by Jessica November 14, 2003
(v.) The act of having sex
We were shaggin all night long!
by Jessica November 23, 2004
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