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Is my best friend!!! i lov you Tagen Ann!!! I will always be here for you!!!If you ever need me give me a ring!! i dont care how late it is i will ALWAYS be tehre for you!!! An i mean it!!! No 1 will get in the way of our friendship! not even that slut britt!!!!
Tagen you are a great friend!!!
by Jc February 08, 2005
n. New semen. From the Latin "neo" meaning new and from the American "gism" meaning stuff that pumps from a man's cock at orgasm.
"People who try to come up with neologisms to satisfy their egos are covered in neologism."
by JC February 17, 2004
A really smart guy, one of the founders of Microsoft. we should thank him for Windows and almost everything that starts Microsoft, like Exel, Word and stuff, great programes filled with all sorts of usefull stuff we don't use because we don't know how. Also, he's very reach and donates huge (huge like in "to big to even dream about") amounts to charity. Is hated because windows has errors and he has money.
Bill Gates started Microsoft. From Microsoft comes Windows and Microsoft Games. Bill Gates is good.
by Jc June 16, 2006
Individuals who feel they are too intelligent to accept the concept of God.
"Hello darling, I am an atheist"
by jc September 22, 2006
A Beautiful Girl that lives in P'Ville and the tightest girl you will ever meet. The only person in the world who has a personality like she does. (can not put real first and last name of privacy reasons).
Guy#1- Wow i visited my friend at his new school and i talked to this girl and she was sooooo tight, not to mention she is very beautiful.
Guy#2- Oh, i know exactly who your talking about, thats gotta be Toss!
by JC December 20, 2004
Why the fuck are you looking this up mother fucker??

A common password for Madden 2005 and the first numbers you learn
Jenna: chocolate jubbly slide sounds good to me!!!

Sam: Throw in a Wake-Up Call for good measure

Max: I can count up to G!
1 - 2 - 3 - 4
by JC December 11, 2004
fuck you, fuck it
blocka motherfucker!
by jc July 16, 2003

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