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The ghetto word for example. Spelt with a N instead of a M.
Yo this is an exanple!
by JC April 09, 2005
one who contaminates with cum
he totally cumtaminated her.
by JC October 14, 2003
big old ass that a brother would love to tap!
damn girl you ass is bootylicious, let my pull up to that bumper and smack that monkey
by JC January 07, 2005
A combination between Blah and Raar. Used to express a frustrated bordem.
by JC August 19, 2003
1. Innovator of a pricing structure that admits most consumers goods purchased in the First World are SHIT that isn't worth more than $20.

2. Employer capable of aiding old people as they limp toward the ends of their hollow live without having to rely solely on Social Security.

3. Enabler of lazy college students unwilling to learn.
1. Hey Bob, did you buy that fucking shit at Wal-mart?!

2. Dude? You mom works at Wal-mart. That's fucking pathetic. So does mine!

3. Dude? I work at Wal-mart. That's fucking pathetic.
by JC February 17, 2004
To suck cock, dick, or penis.

What girls do to guys.
Hey girl, get over here and suck thang.
by JC April 09, 2005
blue rizlas
hey man, you got any b-rizzle im gonna make a blockbuster, which is a big spilf
by jc November 10, 2003

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