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a common slang to describe the pictorial of a man spreading his glory hole, goatse, or www.goatse.cx
"man that guy yammed me"
by JC January 30, 2003
My ex-girlfriend
1) a slut
2) a liar
3) a backstabber
4) the area just inside the anus
5) to really fuck up
6) to cheat without remorse
7) to be selfish beyond reason
8) to screw people over
My Hedlund really itches, i must be getting a hemorrhoid.

I just failed out of college, cheated on my boyfriend, and lied to my family...man am a real Hedlund.

Here, let me take all your money while I save mine to spend on me and my friends, oops..I just pulled a Hedlund.

Ill make sure to have you go out of your way to visit me, call me, hang out with me, then Ill just dump you because...I need space. What can I say..Im a Hedlund.
by JC May 21, 2004
A generic term used to represent any number.
I made like a Dillion dollars today.
by JC May 16, 2004
Pretty much every fuckhead who listens to modern music or who watches TV, or who sells this shit to others.
Damn! Tom Brokaw is such a slunt.
by JC February 17, 2004
Derived from the latin; Preperus ( meaning prepared, sharp, nice)
1. noun- a.One who dresses well, is entirely too into clothing and matherial possessions
b. One who thinks what they wear defines who they are
c. One who shops at stores such as abercrombie and fitch, coach, burberry, and american eagle
2. adjective-(preppy) high end, well dressed, jeff and kristina
Nicole painted her nails black. Shes definitely nto a prep
by JC March 05, 2005
Being bitten by a spider.
That spider just syringered my arm.
by JC August 19, 2004
gangsta Counter-Strike player
finest owns all the noobs in counter-strike
by jc February 01, 2004

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