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One of the 28 original release NES games that involved a motocross biker in a red suit and bike that rode in timed laps over various obstacles.
Excitebike is one of the best games ever!
by Jayson Vester November 29, 2003
The original Shiznit. It sux when you overheat though.
I got Excitebike for Christmas in 1988.
by JC March 22, 2005
A consistent, reoccurring "hook-up" with a less than desirable or tolerable member of the opposite sex. Some one that seems like a good idea to have over at 2 am, but you end up regretting when they are still there at 8 am.
Damn Steve, you need to stop having Jill over, she is an excite bike, and as such sucks when she is not naked and having sex with you.
by A.J. Walnut January 18, 2011