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the particular sound that an aroused vagina makes when being penetrated.
that was some serious squelch action lads.
by dirty kav April 24, 2005
To put down or silence; To suppress or inhibit
I have finally squelched that hideous rumor.
by Gina November 10, 2003
A noise commonly herd during intercourse. This can be a direct result of excess moisture given off by either partner.

Words commonly associated with this term: Squelchy (adj)
Damn bro, that bitch's muffbox made the biggest squelch ever.
#squelchy #vaginal fart #squelched #squelching #queef #vaginal spray fat #shart
by Taylor Dubdogg July 10, 2008
When a female coughs or sneezes and cum comes out of her vagina.
She coughed so hard that she squelched
#vagina #cum #cough #sneeze #cumming
by hurricanekarina September 28, 2014
1.n. A name for orgasmic fluids.

2.v. To squirt orgasmic fluids.
1. "Ewwww get your squelch off the blanket."

2. "Ooohhh squelch on me!"
#orgasms #squeech #orgasm #orgasmic #quef
by manamesfitz May 10, 2011
The sound that occurs when the monster cock gets pulled out of an asshole
wow i heard some major squelch from you then benjamin!
#squelch #gay #benjamin #intercourse #cock
by bensreallyafag July 14, 2008
When a girl is on her period and all of the sudden she can feel this flow of juices (blood). It is normally silent but it is the most disgusting feeling in the world. Every girl who bleeds knows what this feeling is. No freaking joke.
Va: *squelch* ew. i just squelched.

Gina: thats sick. please say excuse me.

Va: no way, you turkey. you squelched on my FACE last weekend. YOU say excuse me! pervert.
#nonsquelching #juices #squizz #bleeding #vagina
by Billy Goater May 20, 2006
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