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A person that looks both, male and female.
I have a science student teacher that looked both. Apparently it was a she. She has dredlocks, and eyebrow ring, and 3 earrings on each ear. We seriously didn't know whether it was a guy or a girl so we came to the conclusion that is was bigenderous.
by Jan May 07, 2005
a sexy single male buff, ass is hard as steel and quite large
phillip wong is so cute
by Jan April 05, 2005
1. a lazy bastard that fakes injury

2. guys brave enough to hit on underage girls but not brave enough to deal with those who would berate them.
Stop changing the subject, invite the weak incompetant maligerant pussy already.
by Jan January 11, 2004
or better known as a Duskisan©
look at that Duskisan©
by Jan December 13, 2003
a Twat on CU
Look at that Duskie
by Jan November 26, 2003
being scared and afraid at the same time
I got ascareded when you told me you were flying into Bagdad!
by Jan June 12, 2003
chewedkandi = chewed candy
omgeez homiez i chewedkandi todai~*
by jan June 29, 2004
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