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rimming is the act of sticking your tounge in another cunts arse or arsehole and licking usually people belive most bum boys do that (gay bobs) a rim is also the circumference of the arse
fuck me i used to love rimming until i seen too poofs rimming i said 'i will never rim again' can i rim you
2 hours later
man rimming you was shit your rim sucked cock but ah fuck it
by Jackroll March 31, 2006
the act of casual sex with someone in the public bogs usually poofs cottage
fucking hell man wooow do you know what the fuck i was thinking about
cottaging have you went bastard cottaging before
no but i was cottaging to find a fucking cottage
your a dickhead
by Jackroll March 31, 2006
the act of intercoarse with some cunt in a car or in public
iam in mood for dogging
yeah well iam in the mood for you to shut the fuck up
suck my knob
with ''PLEASURE'' if you know what i mean
by Jackroll April 02, 2006
the point at which some cunt reaches orgasm the fucking bestest and crudest definition to call it
fucking hell i don't get many scuttles but i pull off a bit and it feels like screwing but it isn't the climax you get in it
heheheheheh you prick i get alot of fucks so you can blow me again hymen face
by Jackroll April 02, 2006
cunnilingus is the word used for the oral stimulation to the clitoris and vulva which fucking means to suck it off fucking hell dicks that do that are called cunnilinctors kind of like cunt-sucking
fucking hell man
what what the fuck is it
shut the fuck up you twatiotic twat
i got a poke last night i was orally
and she sucked my dick i popped my cork in her mouth i cummed on her face she sat on my face and i peformed
fellatio to her
what thats sucking o...
only taking the piss it was an act of cunnilingus
thank fuck for that
by Jackroll March 31, 2006
a peformance that is fucking done by looking at a dog taking it up the arse with another one to see how its done so that you can try scuttling like a dog if you want to know more positions of sex look at a book of kama sutra that bollocks has it all maybe the king kong position as well
fuck me fuck me i like that doggie style
yeah well i like kinky sex with dogs
fucking hell you can stay out my fucking back yard you fucking beastiality kinky bugger
do you want me to dress you up as a dog and bugger you
piss off you fuckwit
by Jackroll April 02, 2006
the famous nymphomaniac comedian and big mouth,got issues and one leichester square host who girls think is handsome he is a sharp witty selfish person who talks about his ball bags on big brothers big mouth and rephers his cock as a dinkle he is very funny and doesn't give a shit ages ago he was claimed by a women she was drug raped by him at the edinburgh party(edinburgh festeval)and she was found lieng on russells bed(they did the DNA test the results were he didn't)russell is a flasher when brand won an award bob geldof started the speach of with 'russell brand...what a cunt' when geldof was hosting an award thing....
'russell brand....what a cool,sophisticated cunt'
russell brand ouotes:our issue today is 'is our beauty making us ugly'.
Little paul scholes is here everyone.
I've got issues with that.
'i'd do everything to you'(russell brand impersonates spiral Ex housemate from big brother).
Nice to be a lesbian.

by Jackroll September 23, 2006

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