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spunk is a white liquid that shoots out your helmet on the dick its a bollocks of a fucking word one of my favourites too
are you cumming
do you mean the spunk way or the going somewhere way
ummmmmmm yeah are you cumming on i mean too the shop
hahahahaha you cummed
listen you punk o' spunk do you want some
will shut the fuck up you little zygote
by Jackroll March 31, 2006
the act of fucking yourself thus stimulating the genetails mainly
fuck iam the master of masturbation
oh fuck yes give me tugjob
fuck you and fuck off its a joke
just give me a handjob
fuck off
by Jackroll April 02, 2006
the act of cunnilumpkin is fucking diffrenter then a blumpkin.
Its were you go carpet munching on a jism jockey while she takes a shit.
A reverse blumpkin
fuck me i got a blumpkin then peformed cunnilumpkin what the fucks the difference
by Jackroll June 26, 2006
to jerk off or jerk a man off (using your hand hooters flaps or lips)
iam fucking sick of talking to you now give me a handjob
go fuck a duck
ok i will spurt spunk on your face then
by Jackroll April 03, 2006
1.vaginal desease

2.vaginal discharge
your momma got VD because i was mounting her nice
by Jackroll July 07, 2006
a blowjob is a code word for fucking cocksucking its the bollocks of a word and a weird and shit name to call it
fuck's sake man see on christmas do you bastard give or recieve
i do both it is the same crap every year
oh really what the fuck is that
a blowjob
hey you knobhead that was my idea
do you want me to give you one at school i was called the head master
by Jackroll March 31, 2006
usually done by poofs and dykes for the poofs they insert their fist through the other poofs arse thus like punching it and for the fucking dykes they have a choice the arse or minge
fuck i use my fist for fucking fighting what the fuck do you cunting use yours for
by Jackroll March 31, 2006

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