35 definitions by jackroll

a cocksucker who gives deep throats
she swallowed my dick that swallowing slut ehh
by Jackroll July 05, 2006
the act of slapping your dick around someones face or head
after the gobbie i fadunked her
by jackroll June 10, 2006
your scuttlin friend is the friend that you shaft with or instead of scuttlin friend you can say pumping pal
fuck me and my scuttlin friend went in the car to go dogging
by Jackroll April 02, 2006
one of my favourite words for inter-fucking-coarse its so fucking good i would put my fucking name on that shit
i was scuttling her in the arse yesturday
hey dipshit thats called a ''back scuttle'' you dick for brains
oh fuck i was back scuttlin her then
by Jackroll March 31, 2006
a back scuttle is an act of buggerry you know fucking in the arse
right so you weren't scuttlin her in the arse you were back scuttlin her you take it up the arse gimp
fuck yes now go fuck a duck
go back scuttle my mother
i was told she got preety tits a nice minge and a nice arse that needs a good back scuttling any-fucking-way so i will back scuttle her
iam a stupid prick
by Jackroll March 31, 2006
an extremly noisy blow job peformed by someone who comes back for coffee
i got a jerkolator of that fucking jerk cocksucking cunt
by Jackroll July 05, 2006
a blowski is a definition for gobble ya know dick-sucking
fucking hell yesturday i got my first bastard blowski
fuck's sake man how did it go
it was bollocks cause i got one from a cunting man
LMGO you fucking bozo twat you suck donkey dick
kiss my nadsack bitch you little fucking bummer you take it up the chuff
kiss my goolies in all foreskin licker
i was taking the piss
i don't give a fucking rat's arse i wasn't
by Jackroll April 01, 2006

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