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n. Chiefly British Slang
One who spends an inordinate amount of time exchanging remarks in computer chatrooms or participating in discussions in newsgroups or on bulletin boards.
This spod has posted over a 1,000 messages in less than a week!
by Louie Neira February 25, 2004
A derogatory term used to indicate someone with one of the following:

1) A penchant for academic study, above and beyond the call of duty

2) Higher than average intellectual capabilities

See also swot, nerd, geek.
"You've already done you history homework? Dude, you're a spod!"

"I hate that kid, he's a bit of a spod!"
by Javen May 12, 2004
1. Someone, typically a student, inordinately naive and foolish outside of their academic field.

2. (verb) To perform one's scholastic duties to and beyond the call of duty.
1. "You're such a big spod!" she cried.

2. "I'm going to have to spod it today," she commented.
by Samuel Wilkinson April 08, 2004
Someone who spends a lot of time in computer chatrooms; specifically, "talkers," which were text-based chatrooms accessed through telnet that were popular before everyone found out about the interweb.
What a spod! He spent six hours on Animal House yesterday.
by spydyrgrrl June 14, 2013
One who obsessively reads all the definitions of a word in the Urban Dictionary, then decides to send in their own definition.
Only a spod would send a definition to the Urban Dictionary.
by Jo Kerr January 05, 2005
Stupid Piece Of Dog Shit, similar to PODS but a really stupid individual.
Dude did you see that idiot run that guy off the road?!? He's such a SPODS.
by no1sandman October 09, 2014
70's London playground - inbreds, misfits, thickos - Spastic Or Disabled - kids are nasty yehhhhh
"xxxx; SPOD!!"
by Playground talk October 27, 2009
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