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Cheap party drink mix made with 2 cups of Zima, 2 cups grape kool-aid and a splash of lemonade.

Named for the guy who came up with the mix.
We can't afford vodka so lets make some purple paisleys.
by jd January 03, 2005
unplugged, not plugged in
The washer was plugged out.
by JD June 24, 2004
a little dwarf woman that has enormous penis, perhaps the size of whale, and uses it to whip people into submission
shes a fucking bitch cock. i fucking hate her. bitch!
by JD December 19, 2003
technical term to designate that one system is slower then another due to more then 2months between coming off the assembly line.
1320 is butt slow and so is 1315 due to USB 1.0 more then likely. (old boxes.)
by jd September 02, 2003
A person who catalogs smells.
Oh, you're looking for the wet dog smell. Just ask the odoriferarian!
by jd April 17, 2003
what you get at the mexican restaurant when the order is not clearly understood
No, I did not order the ShrimpBeef nachos!?!?
by jd April 17, 2003
Yetris is used in place of any actual activity you are performing to give you an air of elite, indie sophistication by doing something so obscure.

Specifically, it is form of the game tetris played on a yeti. Yetis are notoriously bad for playing tetris on, unless they have cell phones imbedded in them, in which case they are excellent for it.
"So what did you do last night?"
"I played yetris."
"Wow, you must be knowledgable and sophisticated!"

"You want to go out tonight? I can't. I feel like staying home and playing yetris."
by JD April 21, 2005

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