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A hot chick who eludes to or is interested in sex with multiple partners, an orgy. A young female who's appearance and/ or behaviour lends itself to an orgy. Someone who looks beautiful but is nonetheless a slut, or who you wished was a slut.
Man, that chick that served me at McDonalds was an absolute ganger!
by JD March 28, 2005
A ganger is a girl who gets all dressed up to go to the shops, short skirts, big loop earings overdone make up and more than likely under the age of 15.

see also: slut, whore, one who loves the cock.
*spots a girl fitting the description above*

Wow, what a ganger..
by Andrew Spiteri February 16, 2005
A ganger is a girl who dresses like a gangster but still feminine. They will often be found in quantities and only on their own when trying to meet up with other gangers.
Hey, check out those gangers!
by twiggy675 October 21, 2010
1. A Gangster 2. A Utah Ninja Psychiatrist's way of saying gangster. 3. A Black man or group of black men on TRAX waiting to be taught a lesson by said utah ninja psychiatrist.
"Warning to all you Fu**ing ganger retards, sometimes a white late 20's guy does have the training to beat the sh*t out of f**k off you retards on TRAX."
by Utah Smart Guy January 28, 2005
Someone who is unusually skinny or has abnormally long limbs.
Look at how uncoordinated that ganger is.
by Grant Wasson March 15, 2008
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