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Crayola is a brand of crayons.
Turd= poop (shit)

Crayola Turd - leaves marks on the bowl as it is being flushed
I just left a crayola turd.
#crayola #turd #shit #poop #toilet
by JD May 08, 2008
Term used to describe someone with chronic masturbation habbits. Seveteen times in one day.
Damn negro u got a mad case of daining syndrome.
by JD November 24, 2004
thin, pointy sideburns, very common on young hispanic males, and also black and white copycats.
see above
by JD March 26, 2004
a video game for super nintendo which is simply impossible to beat. The makers of the game were pissed at the world and took it out on 8 year old kids who have alot of freee time on their hands.
damn desert strike is impossible
by jd December 09, 2003
Meaning are you serious, or are you sure
When the coach said they would have to do 100 push-ups they all replied, "are you for-serious
by jd April 11, 2005
An ok guy, who has a tendency to be rather a nob sometimes
Me: "Hey, lowey, why are you highlighting words on the school ICT regulations"
Lowey: "I'm just trying to find some loopholes, so I can hack into the school network without getting into trouble"
Me: "Fun"
Lowey: "I know, great, isn't it"
by JD March 09, 2005
Yet another word for a vagina.
I gotta get myself to some pinkage tonight.
by jd January 04, 2005
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