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Yet another word for a vagina.
I gotta get myself to some pinkage tonight.
by jd January 04, 2005
Acronym for "Multiple Pops." When a prostitute allows multiple ejaculations for one fee. Same as MSOG.
$300/hr w/MP
by JD March 26, 2004
A wanksta is a person that asks like he lives the life of a true gangsta...but the truth is that he don't. He/she tires to act all hard and shit but he/she is jus embarssing himself/herself. He/she thinks he has it all like money, girls, blah blah, but he aint got shit. To sum it all up in one word is that he/she is a big ass POSER. :P
The people by a certain century theater stand there all day with their never seen before jerseys, clean air force ones and all the "bling bling" they own are wankstas.
by JD August 26, 2003
a internet hoochie, cyber sex hoochie
that bitch a hoochie
by jd February 22, 2005
one who is owned by an AWP
You got ekahabed!
Damn man, You so got ekahabed!
by JD February 14, 2005
Former President Clinton's favorite movie. He saw it with Monica Lewinski.
Clinton: This is my favorite part of the, ugh , movie.
Monica: Wow! Look at that blowhole spew!
by JD February 08, 2005
unplugged, not plugged in
The washer was plugged out.
by JD June 24, 2004
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