104 definitions by JD

meaning are you serious
are you forseriousss
by jd April 11, 2005
stait up liah, also like an extreme insult
man yo she be kasbibblin your white ass

she so freakin' kashbibble my main man
by JD February 10, 2005
of, or relating to, the mistyping of the phrase "the box", by the wonderful computer master, Jen and other peers after getting angry at fellow internet buddies. also, the computer user feels as if he/she must attempt to correct their verbal wrongdoings.
Jen: (action) *Xs out th ebax*
Jen: (correction) **thebox

remember i stil lhat e you reffin guts!
by JD April 07, 2004
Anyone who uses the word hella in a sentance.
Dude, did you just say " hella tight "? You are the biggest hella-tool I've ever seen!
by jd January 30, 2004
Once just a normal everyday kind of guy. One day he was given the matrix of leadership from Optimus Prime and his life has never been the same. Optimus-JD fights for the rights of all pie loving beings everywhere as "Pie is the right of all sentient beings".
Optimus-JD rules.
by JD September 02, 2003
Former President Clinton's favorite movie. He saw it with Monica Lewinski.
Clinton: This is my favorite part of the, ugh , movie.
Monica: Wow! Look at that blowhole spew!
by JD February 08, 2005
Created back in the day, by the wasted fucks, JD & Doddy. Simplified (drunk) version of "go and get fucked!"

Basically means a harsh refusal to an offer or proposal.
Minger#1: hey JD, wanna get a drink?
JD: GO'N GIT!...
*heard from across the pub*
Doddy: FUKT!
Minger#1: *sooks and runs away*

by JD February 01, 2005

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