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104 definitions by JD

Slang for blurb. Dyslexics use it because they are mentally raped. eg. Jeremy.
I'm writing a blurd on video editing for our website.
by JD April 07, 2005
A Demobrat is a wanna be anarchist that likes to bash our government and countries values, even though they're upper class kids living on Mommy and Daddies money. They're at the top of the worlds food chain and the main drain of it's resourses but take no responsibility for their own actions and blame everything on the government, USA,conservatives and Christians.
Demobrat: Those frikin neocon Christians have screwed this world up! I'm go'in to the Greenday concert to protest with them. Where's my Dads credit card?
by JD January 31, 2005
A female with vast sexual experience and appetite.
"Yo man, I wouldn't go near that stached scrag!"
by jd March 26, 2004
An action, usually that takes place in a car (preferibly a Range Rover) and decribes the manor in which one is driving, usually overaggresive and at a high rate of speed.
Rolling Hard in the Double R.

He does not roll hard.
(it is also not uncommon for "nigga be driving" to follow this phrase.)
by JD December 24, 2004
an erection, sometimes proceeded by "louisville" -- "louisville slugger." inspired by the great baseball bat brand.
brendan got a louisville slugger
by jd August 01, 2004
a true gangsta nobody fucks with
when i saw that dub i fuckin rolled out
by jd July 28, 2003
Reffer,weed,herb,mary jane,ooh ohh snicky snicky
I smoked some ill yak nigga
by jd February 28, 2005