76 definitions by JC

to run a dumb bitch over with your scooter
damn man, he floogemed that old lady
by jc February 22, 2005
dumb a** f*** up

intellegent person who does not follow corporate rules
outsiders usually view as slacker due to lack of understanding
the new guy is such a dafu
by JC January 05, 2005
An unsuccesful gangsta. A gangsta that tries to hustle and make money but he can't.
by jc February 27, 2003
1) The legless, soft-bodied, wormlike larva of any of various flies of the order Diptera, often found in decaying matter.

2) Disgusting person, a low-life, the lowest of them all
by JC October 28, 2002
beer. A gift from the gods (and yeast).
Hey T, passa la brozniac por FA vor.


Say, anyone up for a brozniac or 2?

or for the xtra l33t try using the truncated version:
"broz anyone?"
which allows for leet surfer dudes to use "broz brahs?"
by JC November 12, 2004
a dyslexic person trying to spell dyslexic
im not thick im dysamalectic
by jc October 15, 2003
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