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Arnold Schwarzenegger's pet in "Kindergarten Cop". He would've liked to show Dominic his one-eyed ferret I'm sure.
"Good morning class, this is my ferret!"
by JC May 29, 2004
A way of palming from the state and getting freebies for basically being slightly inept at the lingual version of mathematics.
Anyone know a bad mathematician? (yes, most of us). Anyone know one who gets a new pc when they go to uni? :P
by JC February 04, 2005
A very ugly woman or girl who might even be confused for a man or transexual. Origin: "In Living Color" (1990). Character portrayed by Jamie Foxx.
"Tell me the truth, is that a man or Juwanna Mann, tell me why she 'read' to go' like Wanda, then?" -Kanye West, "Talk About Our Love"
by JC July 06, 2004
catholic mofo, no one likes a catholic
those mic's are burning the protestants again
by jc May 20, 2004
A Slang word for the best invention of the late 20th Century, the original Nintendo Entertainment System, also called the NES. Refers to the bits the system was capable of handling. The 8-Bit brought with it classics including: Contra, Double Dragon, Excitebike, Mike Tyson's Punchout and many more unforgettable titles.
Hey B-Vice, let's get high and play 8-bit. Sometimes you have to blow in the 8-Bit games to get them to work properly.
by JC March 22, 2005
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