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A little bit technically inclined.. a little bit granola. But not Indie.
My technola boyfriend fixed my computer then we went out and cleaned up the universe!
by jC November 02, 2004
Anal sex. From 'up the wrong one' in reference to the anus as opposed to the vagina.
She takes it up the wrong'in
by JC October 19, 2004
A sexual act. The event in which a woman undergoes sexual intercourse with a vehicles gearstick/gearknob or handbrake. This is the explanation behind why the car smells funny and the sticky residue found on the gearstick and gearknob, after you had said "ill be back in a minute" to your grilfiend.
'Man, it smells like you been car sexing in here', as he thinks to himself.
by JC October 07, 2004
Natural Bridge is a road in St Louis that is where all da hood things are in da Lou

So When Nelly or Chingy or someone say somthin bout Natural Bridge its a road in ST Louis

All my STL peeps know wad Im talkin bout HOLLA
Yo dawg i meet you up there on that Natural Bridge, Holla
by JC January 13, 2004
An excuse a troll uses upon posting an idiotic thread or reply to a messageboard. Usually said after said troll is flamed and shown of ones idiocy.
OMGzors I wasn't serious LOLz0rs!!!111 I was just baiting you and you fell for it!!
by JC October 22, 2004
one who consumes large amounts of liquor and hot sauce.known for creating horrible smells that cause regurgitation.
Jimmy did the niestrath and puked everywhere in his car.
by jc April 16, 2005
to run a dumb bitch over with your scooter (usually the scooter has training wheels)
damn, he floogemed that old lady
by jc February 22, 2005
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