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German: Salutation in "krass-talk" for people that are either really dumb or people who know you and are just saying it for fun.
Euda, was gehtn' in Schweden?
Sers Euda, was los?
by JB March 15, 2004
1) battery used to back up an alarm clock in case the electricity goes out, insuring that the alarm will sound in one hour and twenty minutes. The exact time it takes to get hard again. Normally you wouldn't care but this pie is an unbelievable ram and you can't risk the alarm not going off, like your hog.
Hey Pinjat, give me a pack of reds, a dozen horses and a nine volt. And yea, I will have some of your beef jerky even though you pray to it.
by JB February 24, 2004
24" rims
My H2 rolled on twankie dueces, now I'm rollin on VanCats
by JB February 05, 2004
He has a beard
Yo Bearded one, your name be Pagz.
by JB January 08, 2004
A facility that houses an all male tenents.
You can tell he did time at the sausage house.
by JB March 10, 2003
The horse that's gonna get a free trip in the Bostik Magical Mystery Tour wagon for looking at me with intent to kill.
Hello Gluemo! how are you toda... what are you looking at me like that for Gluemo?

Don't come any closer!

G-Get back you long-faced biatch!!!!





Ahh that's better. 1337!
by JB April 21, 2005
A widely accepted and greatly applauded description for the perineum, the piece of flesh between your nuts/lips and your ass hole.
Your chotis has scales - have you showered?
by JB February 27, 2005

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