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126 definitions by JB

Asshole who tries to send you viruses while pretending to be a chick.
Luvergrrl is a 14 year old boy, not a grrl.
by jB August 24, 2003
The one person in a foursome, while playing golf, that is constantly lagging behind and holding up the pace of play for the others.
Should we let the Links Lagger know were playing golf this weekend, and if we do should we make him geta cart?
by JB March 12, 2003
lvt means "leuk voor thuis", nice to take with you.
When you burglar a house and see something you like, you say: LVT
by JB June 14, 2004
German: Salutation in "krass-talk" for people that are either really dumb or people who know you and are just saying it for fun.
Euda, was gehtn' in Schweden?
Sers Euda, was los?
by JB March 15, 2004
n. Name for an illegal wrestling move (usu. performed by females) in which one who has no means of escaping the hold of another wrestler, so instead places their hand on opponents testicles and crushes them.
"She challenged me to a wrestling match and I almost had her pinned till she pulled the old 5-on-2..."
by JB November 13, 2003
A person who secretly tries to watch other men jerking off.
I was tossing one off the other night and I happened to look up and Gerry was being a spooge monkey in my window. Gerry likes to go to the gym and spooge monkey around the locker room.
by JB March 12, 2003
A term widely used to describe the following sexual ceremony: While engaging in sexual intercourse, preferably from behind, and as the money shot approaches, the male "doer" spits on his partners back. When he/she turns around in disgust, the "doer" ejaculates into one eye of his partner and firmly punches the other eye, exclaiming "you have been Governed!". The "doer", now also known as "the Governor", then parades his triumph and is later honoured, by his judicators, with a t-shirt declaiming "The Governor!"
Clearly, The Governor is the only act to rectify virtuous social decorum!
by JB September 26, 2005