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shit, poop
Look at that pile of dukey on the ground, dukey-breath.
by JB April 08, 2003
The one person in a foursome, while playing golf, that is constantly lagging behind and holding up the pace of play for the others.
Should we let the Links Lagger know were playing golf this weekend, and if we do should we make him geta cart?
by JB March 12, 2003
lvt means "leuk voor thuis", nice to take with you.
When you burglar a house and see something you like, you say: LVT
by JB June 14, 2004
n. Name for an illegal wrestling move (usu. performed by females) in which one who has no means of escaping the hold of another wrestler, so instead places their hand on opponents testicles and crushes them.
"She challenged me to a wrestling match and I almost had her pinned till she pulled the old 5-on-2..."
by JB November 13, 2003
Flippin' sweetest band ever. They are from Lake Oswego, OR. They started in spring 2004. The Guitarist is Jordan Bice and the Bassist is David "Mr. X" Bartman. They both sing
Man those fuckin' Psychedelic Zebras rock!
by JB March 30, 2005
Similar to the "sheep shagging" Velcro Glove useage, however this one is for gay men who like their men with lots of back hair (bears). Helps in hanging on, see Pillow Biter.
Here I come you big hairy man you! I've got on my Velcro Gloves
by jb October 26, 2004
Similar to gaydar, but differs in the way that it allows you to detect a fatty before they have a chance to sit on and/or eat you.
Whoa! Look at that butterbeast. My fatdar is going crazy!
by JB April 02, 2004

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