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A nice woman that you wouldnt mind having under your arm at all. A good looking woman !!!
She's a nice little Dollybird alright isnt she !!!
by infinity April 15, 2004
Another name for Gossip. Tittle tattle is used a lot by women, they hear something about someone and believe it to be the Gospel truth, and when they tell a friend of this they add a little to it to add some spice to the scandal that they've heard. So by the time it has has been passed along a few people, it turns into the greatest load of Bullshit that you've ever heard.
Oh my god, did you hear what she did to him, and he's doing this and her cousin is doing that. He told me that she cant do this, and i heard about him and yer woman down the road etc etc etc.
by infinity March 16, 2004
Some Important University Honcho who gets a special fucking parking spot next to the friggin building whilst everyone has to part their cars about 8 miles away and walk.
Fucking provosts, I'ma gonna declare myself a provost and park here. You got paper? I need you to sign this as my witness.
by Infinity March 28, 2005
1. A slang term thought to have been developed by a British-Japanese student at the University of Toronto Schools in Ontario. Commonly interpreted as a synonym for noob.
2. A conjunction of the slang terms noob and ayng.
"I was out, like, pwning some noobs, and then I was like, NBAYNG!"
by Infinity January 16, 2005
Word used to describe beautiful, but small tits on a woman.
My god, look at the cupcakes on her ! I wouldnt mind parkin my bike in there I can tell ye !!!
by infinity February 25, 2004
Really annoying plague who nobody likes, but he thinks that everyone loves him because he makes his money from illegal dealings. He wears really bad clothes, and has a terrible haircut, like a jellyfish on his head. He is very stupid and does not wash himself or his clothes very Regularly. He does not talk, he shouts, and all he shouts abouts is himself. He plays really loud, really bad music at unsociable hours of the day. He is the Bald Monster because he is slowly going Bald and he so Loud and Annoying.
Dont answer the door, it's only the Bald Monster wanting to come in and tell us some bullshit for half an hour. Lets Kill the Bald Monster
by infinity February 25, 2004
1. Commonly interpreted as being a conjunction of nice and the popular slang term ayng. Synonymous with nice in colloquial form.
"What? Mr. Dannetta's taking a three year leave from school? Nsayng!"
by Infinity February 16, 2005

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