An indie/hipster - derived from the way they pronounce the word "man"

Pronounced m-ah-n

Not to be confused with a Rastafarian, as that would give them more street cred then they are worth.
"Hey marn, have you got a spare paper to roll my cigarette with?"
"Yeah marn, do you need a match?"
"Yeah marn."
by not a marn September 13, 2011
Somebody who is extremely posh and stuck up. It is pronounced like M-ah-n
That old woman is a right marn.
by Humphery Batenburg March 07, 2008
code for the curse word 'fuck'. used when you cannot swear because of your location (school, work, tanning salon) or religon.
meal: dude i just got back from tanning! i look like a dorito chip!

budzyn: what the marn??
by Bombay09 August 29, 2008
the proper pronunciation is 'man' but some Welsh twats say 'marn' and they say it about 4 times in each sentence. Marn is used a lot by Bald Monsters.
Bald Monster : Yeah Marn, comin out tonight like Marn
Person who does not like him : No, I dont want to
Bald Monster : Come on Marn, it'll be cool as fuck like Marn
Person who does not like him : No
Bald Monster : Okay Marn
by infinity February 25, 2004
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