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an expression of excitement, satisfaction, or greeting; a verb meaning pwn; a noun meaning a 1337 person, or a profficient gamer/owner

can also be used as a suffix to other words: n00b + ayng = nbayng, fucking ayng = fkayng
"yo, check this out, i got these new shoes AYNG!!!!"

-"dude, that guy is such an ayng"

-"last night i was playing some soldat and i totally nbaynged up these noobs, you know?"
by utser February 07, 2005
frustration and distaste
used to shorten long anecdotes into a single, understandable word.
"how did the interview with the guidance counselors go?"
"i wanted to explain the graffitti but they were all like ayng"
by asdf November 13, 2004

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