188 definitions by Ian Chode

In England a rubber is also a pencil eraser.
by Ian Chode June 11, 2003
Piles. Rhyming slang for Chalfont St Giles, a place in the UK.
Oooh, me Chalfonts.
by Ian Chode April 08, 2003
Satirical British magazine edited by Ian Hislop which specialises in exposing highbrow political scandal and making cheap nob gags. Very funny and well worth reading.
by Ian Chode June 05, 2003
To eat lunch at your desk.
A: Are you coming to the canteen for lunch?
B: No, I'm afraid I'm dining al desko today.
by Ian Chode July 15, 2004
So effectively what we're saying here is condom.
Care for a poon balloon before you ride the hershey highway on your meat motorbike?
by Ian Chode July 13, 2004
Untruths, mainly political. Comes from the English Conservative (Tory) party who were once led by Margaret Thatcher.
These figures are not true, they are in fact Tory lies.
by Ian Chode April 03, 2003
A judge or some form of judicial process.
He's up before the beak for being a dodgy geezer.
by Ian Chode April 04, 2003
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