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Wädur is an acronym for "Växjö Datautbildningar".
It is a student association at Växjö Universitet, (University of Växjö), Sweden. The association is mainly created for students who study computer science, mathematics or media technology related programs.

Wädur is also known for having a great student overall culture. Their overalls are initially white, but they usually get rather beige/grey after some extended and extreme use... Experienced Wädurs usually have a bunch of patches (and other creative artifacts) attached to their overalls (some have hundreds of patches).

The members of Wädur are famous at Växjö Universitet for their ability to frequently party without getting too hung-over and being extremly creative and innovative while intoxicated. A part of Wädur’s partying is their extensively long nollning. It usually last for two or three weeks. During the Nollning the fresh students get to know the more experienced students and how the student life will be like. Wädur emphasize on giving the fresh students the time of their life during the nollning without drinking too much alchohol...

Some of Wädur’s members are also members of Hästarna. Hästarna is a social phenomenon that often travels together to student related activities across Sweden. Among their goals for their travels are: Spiikbandy,Hjärtslaget,Absolut Gotland,Fia med Donk,Rabalder,Lundakarnevalen and many more…
Wow, partying for the fifth straight night? You must be a Wädur!

Only a Wädur could have come up with the idea of an Indoor Hammer Throw Competition

Today I feel so Wädur (suggesting an ever-lasting mental satisfaction and happiness)

Where have all the Wädurs gone? (Frequently used by other students at Växjö Universitet if a party is getting boring)
by Hejdaniel June 30, 2006
Many claims that Beckham is nothing but the most over-rated player in the world. He is also considered to be one of the best, if not the best, of literal existance of the phenomena described in fairy tail writer Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale The Emperor's new clothes

In fact he is the most overrated combination of molecules in the entire universe since the dawn of time.

During his career at Manchester United and Real Madrid he typically played offensive right wing. Now you may wonder what I mean by offensive? Well I mainly mean that he was too undisciplined to have enough defensive awareness to be considered a pure midfielder as he spent to much energy during most games checking out his hair and making cross balls into often empty penalty fields that he had little or no time to aid the defense.

David Beckham was at his peak in the late 90s and was fortunate enough to win the champions league win Mancherster United in 1999.

His most famous skill is his free-kicks. Some claim that he is the best free kick taker ever. However most of those people claiming that are usually british, scandinavians (where many consider english football holy), gay, slave for fashion, Manchetser United supporters, underdeveloped Japanese School Girls or all of these at the same time (imagine that ;))

Although it's no doubt that Beckham scored a lot of goals on free-kicks and some of them was really nice, he dwarfs when you compare him to often less famous players who instead of putting all their energy in shagging thin actors that can't sing or naming his kids weird names just make sure that they will get bullied at school, actually commit themselves to make their free kicks perfect. Here are some of the players that if you look into the number of free-kick effectiveness and especially propensity to score in important games make Beckham dwarf.

Juninho Pernambucano(Brazil and Lyon,France)
Andrea Pirlo (Italy and AC Milan, Italy)
Shunsuke Nakamura (Japan and Celtic, Scotland)
Sinisa Mihajlovic (Serbia and Internazionale Milano, Italy (assisting coach))
Ronaldinho (Brazil and Barcelona, Spain)
Zinedine Zidane (France and retired)*
Pierre van Hooijdonk (Netherlands)

* Zinedine Zidane should be considered a better free kick shooter than Beckham because he very very often took very important free kicks and usually scored on them, although he may not have been as consistent as Beckham.

This is David Beckham's worst skill, important games. It's true that he had some assist for England during his matches, but 80-90% of these were a result of corner kicks, free kicks or actually simply more or less incorrectly credited to him as part of the Media's the Emperor's new clothes phenomena.

Whenever there is a big game coming up, rest asure that Beckham will usually decrease his skill and play outright poor. He is the worst penalty taker in the history of English National Football, but normally it's actually not his fault, but some turf on the pitch that suddenly appeared from nowhere and made him slip (yeah right).

Additional speculations:

Some speculate in that the media circus and Beckham's pathetic attitude affected Alan Shearer's decision to end his national team football career early and instead focus on Newcastle United. Alan Shearer was the Brett Favre of English football and disliked player hype, idolization of players and media's growing off-pitch focus.
Did Real Madrid win last night? No they lost, because they let the commercial sponsor machine without any skill, David Beckham, play in order to satisfy sponsors.

David Beckham's penaly miss against Portugal in 2004 went so high in the air that he got sued by NASA for Space inteference!

Look at Steven Gerrard how sweaty and tired he is (English national midfielder). Well that's not weird since he has to work 33% more back in defense since he is playing on the same midfield as Beckham, who couldn't care less about Defensive awareness.

David Beckham is a scary example of how blind commercial hype can make most people.

Many say that Real Madrid sold their soul, when they sold Makelele and bought Beckham for much more money. A move that had a negative effect on the playing field but an enormous positive effect on their financial gains.
by Hejdaniel December 28, 2007
A biased left wing media does not exist in the United States. The only thing that exist in the United States as far as media are concerned are biased right wing media, where FOX News is among the most extreme biased. CNN,CBS etc. should also be considered to be right wing biased.

Some public channels in Europe can to a certain extent be considered to be biased left wing media. However they are not even close to as biased as the American media are.
Wov, you honestly think Iraq had anything to do with the attacks in New York 2001. Man you must stop watching all this right wing biased media.biased left wing media

You really think the United States gives a lot of foreign aid? Who told you that, that is so not true, stop watching right wing biased media. Better of watching the biased left wing mediasince it's not as extreme (although it does not exist in the United States)
by Hejdaniel October 10, 2006
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