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Best british player to grace the face of the earth.
Its Alan Shearer on the ball....its Shearer... GOAL!
#shearer #alan shearer #angel of the north #skunk #black and white #toon #toon army #magpies #magpie
by ReggyF July 06, 2006
Ex-Newcastle United Striker responsible for scoring the most goals in the premier league and also getting newcastle united relegated to the coca-cola championship in 2009. (Ironic, No?)

he is illegitamate, he has no birth certificate, received HIV which has in turn caused AIDS which he cant get rid of, hes a dirty black and white bastard.

*Newcastle relegated*

*Fat Geordies Cry Into Their Scarves, They 'BOYCOUTT' the club, mike ashley is celebrated as a Sunderland Hero.*
#alan shearer #newcastle united #relegated #geordie #football
by FTM2009 June 29, 2009
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