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The skillful art of kicking someone straight to the curb. To perform a Beckman is with precision, speed and power --- the action send a clear and definitive to the recipient This is generally performed when a spouse or lover is caught cheating or causing some type of mistrust within the relationship.
Example: My man was huffin’ out so I had to Beckham his skank ass.
by ReGina J January 28, 2009
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v. To miss the net in a penalty shot in football (soccer). Originated when David Beckham flagrantly shanked the ball over the net in an important qualifier for the 2004 Euro Cup against Turkey.
1. Messi just Beckhamed it!!!
2. Don't let Dominic take the penalty, he's just gonna Beckham it
by Dendroica December 18, 2013
Shaving your pubes to the length of David Beckham's stubble.
I'm gonna Beckham later so make sure you knock before coming in....and turn off the A/C and fan.
by K-Noodle November 10, 2009
A family consisting of never-ending attractiveness, especially popular with the males of the family.
Man, those Beckham's are hot af!
by Pinksparklystuff101 September 19, 2015
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