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Sinisa (or Siniša) is a guys name stemming from Serbia (former Yugoslavia). It also represents the following:

Serbian Sensation.
NBA ready.
PIMP juice.
Brad Pitt wishes he looked like him.
You: Hi, my name is ______, what's your name?

Sinisa: Sinisa

You: You're name is Sinisa? Wow. I wish my name was Sinisa (or Siniša)!
by Squish2K2 February 10, 2010
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On of those people that you look at and ask yourself- can one be more stupid.

Call Girl: "...Oh look at this one, he is so stupid, and will never get it. I am so desperate for an apartment and pregnant. Let me sell him a story that I am a good girl."

A friend: "honey, from you, no one would buy it."

Call Girl: "Hey handsome, you wanna have fun."

Sinisa: " mean me?....all right. oh my- she works as a professional! I am so lucky!"

A friend: "Because she is you stupid!"

Sinisa: "Honey would you....move in?"

Call Girl: "I would my love, I hope you would ask. Let me grab my bag from the curb."
by callgirlinlove February 04, 2010

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