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The cut off version of the word "everybody." Mostly used by African-Americans from the south, the phrase "er" is used in place of the word "every".
Everybody = erbody
Everywhere = erwhere
Everyone = erone
by Harry March 31, 2004
When a guy holds his dick with both hands, whatever hangs over is proud meat.
Man, I got me three inches of proud meat.
by Harry January 15, 2004
the best damn town in the world..located in new york state just an hour away from NYC..
dude i wanna hook up so im gonna take the car up to katonah this weekend, it will be awesome.
by harry October 10, 2003
A word to celebrate something or in response of something told to you that you are pleased about.
"I won the race, WHEY"
Jeremiah: "I've just found some money"
You: "Whey, nice one mate"
by Harry January 28, 2005
the act of smacking your significant other in the head with your penis.
The whore liked being flogged as she came.
by harry January 21, 2003
Fucker in Gujarati. AKA DonE
That choyda beat me again.
by Harry April 22, 2004
1).A chic with a huge camel-toed pussy that shows shows no matter what she's wearing.

2).A pussy with a lot of meat...bigger than your fist!
Man, that chic's pussy's bigger than your fist!!
by Harry November 01, 2004

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