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To fuck up extremely badly, then deny it no matter how much evidence there is
"Yo did you steal my cake?"
"Yo, you got icing all over your face man"
"Fuck man, I didn't take your cake"
"..Stop being a Duka"
by RSP February 17, 2008
an illegal form of speed made by mixing certain chemicals in a plastic bottle and walking around shaking it and releasing the fumes out in public
Man that was some killer Duka he had kept him up for 3 days
by badcotoyou February 09, 2015
A idiot that promises something if you do something for them first and then backs out (They never intended to do it in the first place)
Mike has become a real dukas lately, he don't do nothin he says he well do.
by Geoffrey Best March 02, 2003
Dog; Canine; Typicially a boxer breed, however it works for any dog.
The ornery duka bit the mailman in the balls.

Those dukas bark all night long.
by ZoltanH March 22, 2010
A nickname for human feces
Hey, don't throw that duka on the storage house's roof!
by A. Knoepfler February 01, 2005
When you mix Mtn Dew Voltage with vodka. A very tasty alcoholic beverage.

Pronounced as: doo-kaa
Yo nigga, mix me up a duka!
by CkinleyB July 20, 2016
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