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pussy used a lot no. of times and hence become very big and open
teri behan da fudda marea
by harry November 01, 2004
John Digweed is a world famous dj who travels around the world to spin records at numerous clubs and parties he commands up to $20000 a night and is the best dj to ever live on the face of the earth
John Digweed @ Centro-Fly July 3rd 2003
by harry January 05, 2004
a name given to extremely good looking girls with big tits and a nice smile.
wow look at her, shes must be a Lissy!
by harry March 15, 2005
a fine babe who every1 wants 2 have a night with
im so stoked i had a gfo with carmen electra
by harry August 08, 2004
unique, quite, outgoing, shy a person who loves to laugh (even though they tell bad jokes) a person that loves to listen and is kind to all.
a 5 foot 6 inch lady who can make harry and rober laugh
by harry January 18, 2005
very cool awesome super
that is pimpalicious
by harry February 22, 2005
the best goddamn place in the world..where ass is incredibly easy to get and ppl are AWESOME all of the freaking time.
dude I wanna be happy so im gonna take a little trip down to NYC..
by harry October 10, 2003

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