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66 definitions by Harry

a lesbian dinosaur
The lickalotopus wants you for a mate.
by harry January 21, 2003
A snotty is a glass pipe used for smoking marijuana generally, though i have heard people using it to smoke crack cocaine.
Hey andrew, you got your snotty on you?
by Harry November 23, 2004
Greek word for malaka used in the city of Patras.

O malakas stin kathomiloumeni metaxi ton Patrinon. Exei akrivos tin idia simasia me to malaka kai xrisimopoieitai stis idies periptosis. Antistixo tou "paliomalakas" einai kai to "paliominaras".

To "minaro" upodilonei oti travao malakia, i xano ton xrono mou. "Minarisma" einai mia malakia.
Ti ginetai re minara; Pame gia kana kafe sto panaxaiko;

Me tosi anergia minaro oli mera.

Se tsakomo: Poion eipes minara re paliominara;
by Harry November 17, 2004
Originally Rugby, American Football is by far one of the best games ever invented. It involved 11 players on a rectangular 100-yard field fighting over one ball. Now I know everyone else's definitions, and they are terribly politically incorrect.

1. Football is a "pussy" sport because we wear pads. We wear pads because we are so strong and powerful that without pads we'd kill each other. Back in the early 1900's dozens of people died each year playing football. Europeans never had this problem because they are not as strong as Americans.

2. It is not a "slow" game, nor does it spend 15 minutes between every play. If you've ever played football, you would know it is one of the fastest games ever played in 10 seconds. Within those ten seconds you exert all the energy you have, unilke pussy soccer where you run around for a couple hours like a chicken with their head cut off.
"The soccer game is on man."

"Why would I watch a bunch of Brits run around in short shorts? It's Monday night and a real man's game is coming on."
by Harry January 13, 2005
1.) A chic with some long-ass mud flap pussy lips...you blow it and it opens up like a catchers mitt...it'll swallow your dick whole.
I was gonna eat that pussy, until she opened up her legs...that shit was like a catcher's mitt! Wrinkly, overused, and abused.
by Harry November 01, 2004
When a male with a big sack pulls it up over his penis and it looks like a burnt pancake.
Shit man, have you seen Gary's burnt pancake lately, it looks delicious.
by Harry March 03, 2004
Pung is an Swedish word for balls!
"Your balls are showing"
"Olovs pung i min mun"

(Not a translation, just two diffrent examples)
by harry June 23, 2004