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A traffic incident usually only seen with Jersey Drivers in New Jersey. The action includes merging multiple lanes on the highway at once.
Damn! That out-of-state driver just ruined a perfect shot at a Jersey Slide
by Hackermeyer January 05, 2009
A largely unknown brand of snack food or snacks.
Do you have any Lays Chips?
No but I have Pazz Chips.
What are they?
Oh, there a Third World Snack.
by Hackermeyer January 05, 2009
(v.) After an erection, when a man pulls his jeans up and then gets his penis bent by the jeans, causing musch pain.
Woman: That was amazing.
Man: Yeah (goes to pull jeans up). Oh! Jean Snap, ouch!

Kevin: Arggh!
Mike: What?
Kevin: Jean Snap!
by Hackermeyer December 05, 2008
A very ironic subculture devoted to trying extremely hard and spending a lot of money to fit one cookie-cutter emo mentality, then denying (strongly denying that is) that you are emo to anyone who asks.
{Person approaches a kid with two studded belts, red/black hair, Hawthorne Heights tee shirt and black skinny jeans}

"Hey, are you like emo or something?"
"No, fuck emo. Don't label me, I'm not emo, I'm an indiv-"
"I don't care..."
by Hackermeyer January 10, 2010
In a combat sport like paintball or airsoft, or First Person Shooter like Call of Duty or Brothers In Arms, a person (usually a sniper or camper) who stays behind or takes refuge behind or near a tree. Conied by the US Army Sniper School.
Troy was a tree cancer when he stayed behind a tree and sniped for 20 minutes in Call of Duty.
by Hackermeyer March 29, 2009
A term used with sites like ebay that means to bid over the minimun, but under what you think someone has payed. This can be quite dangerous because if you estimate the other bidder's bid wrong, you may end up having to buy the item.
Jim like ebay so much that he decided to play a game of Bid Chicken. He bid $25.00 on pants, knowing the last bidder must have enetered at least $30.00.
by Hackermeyer February 08, 2009
Words in Urban Dictionary that will never see conversation, words made up out of boredom.

Words like hostage lunch, rabbit choker, vylicious and Obso-word, will simply never be used in any conversation.

As with most Urban Dictionary words, it is made from two words: Obsolete + Word.
Jak :: Dood! I just submitted 12 awesome words to Urban Dictionary!
Nick :: Great, do you think anyone will actually ever use them in a civil conversation?

Jak :: Uhmmmmm.....
<User "Jak" has signed off>
/Nick/ :: That's what's called an "Obso-word"

"Obso-word" is actually an obso-word itself!
by Hackermeyer June 22, 2009

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