21 definitions by HAL

Software produced annoying mail
My inbox is full of spam.
by Hal May 25, 2004
misanthrope, curmudgeon, Bad Tempered Young Man
I was going to wish you happy birthday but I was afraid I might get RicheyJamesed for it.
by hal September 16, 2004
bare means slightly too much of.
the cupboard was bare

i got attacked by a bare.

"i think we should cut down to the bare essentials"
by Hal June 11, 2003
Often confused with the G spot except that the j spot doesn't exist a lot.
dear bliss magazine,
Where's my j spot? my friends say they don't exist but my mum say's that she has one.
by Hal June 11, 2003
the best village in the world, only cool people live there, that over looks the shite village of summerscum
You are so cool you live in NORF!
by Hal May 18, 2004
A smelly female. Relating to her private area.
I pulled this Hal (look up Hal) and she was a right Cod!
by Hal March 24, 2003
1. False, Faux, Not true. ~ "That statement is Sph" (agg)

2. Sarcastic, Crass, Deliberately missinformative
"I love going to the movies" - Sph(ed) Jenny
by Hal January 27, 2004

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